Special Occasions

Drinking chocolate

Drinking chocolate

Try our delicious range of drinking chocolate.



Romance and chocolate are timeless, linked throughout history. Help make your special day even more memorable with chocolates.

Corporate Gift packs

Corporate Gift packs

Promotions, corporate events or just to say thank you for making that deadline, our gift packs say it all.


CHOCOLATE Petra Building


This is our CHOCOLATE replica of the Petra Building in Jordon.

It is currently on show in our Rozelle shop window.  It is made of over 350 kgs of Belgian chocolate and took owner, Jan ter Heerdt over 100 hours to 'build' ...BY HAND!


Please come and visit us in our Rozelle shop and have a look...it is over 2m wide and 1.5m high!!


Allergen and type guide

GF: Gluten Free  DF: Dairy Free A: Alcohol  N: Nuts  E: Egg  S: Soy 
M: Milk chocolate D: Dark chocolate W: White chocolate

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