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Father’s Day 2017

The time has come to spoil the dads!

To celebrate Father’s day, Petersham shop will specially open on Sunday, 3rd September @ 10-3PM and normal trading hours for Rozelle shop (10-4PM)

Please see below for several gift options for the DADS :

The tuxedo boxes are specially made for Father’s Day (LIMITED). Better hurry and grab them!

All of these chocolates are available in both shops. Alternatively, you can choose your own chocolate selection box as well as our giftbox range ONLINE and we will deliver them 🙂

Happy Father’s Day and hope you enjoy our chocolates!

Queen’s Birthday

We would like to let you know that Petersham shop will open this Sunday, 11th June @ 10-3pm, while Rozelle shop will open like normal.

Both shops will close on Monday, 12th June. Normal trading hours will start again on Tuesday, 13th June.

Ps : Keep yourself warm with BELLE FLEUR’S HOT CHOCOLATE! It’s available now at both shops 🙂

Enjoy your long weekend and stay dry!

Mother’s Day 2017

The best time for all mothers is coming!

We have 2 good news for you :

Firstly, we will open Mothers Day, Sunday May 14 in BOTH shops – Rozelle 10-4 and Petersham 10-3pm.

Secondly, at Belle Fleur, we always try to do something unique and beautiful for the moms.

Here are some amazing options :

We called this a FUNKY STILETTO with 7 chocolates inside. Guess what?! You can even eat the shoe as well!










Flower is a good gift for Mother’s day! But how about FLOWER POT made of chocolates with 10 assortment inside, including that gorgeous pink flower?? That would be something!








Show your love by giving them this stunning GOLD CHOCOLATE HEART with 6 chocolates inside, finished with dried rosebud flower (edible to eat).


The stiletto, flower pot, and heart are available in milk and dark chocolate. They are available in both Rozelle and Petersham shop.

Furthermore, you can choose your own chocolate selection box as we always have our traditional as well as our giftbox range, which you can select online and we can arrange delivery to your mum if she isn’t closeby.

(PLEASE NOTE! As mother’s day will be on Sunday (14th May), the last delivery will be on Friday, 12th May. We do not sell our novelty Mothers Day range online – these pictures are only a small sample of what is available through our retail shops ONLY).


Finally Easter time is here again!

You will find bunnies, bilbies, and eggs jump off from every section in our shops.


Always popular Belle Fleur decorative eggs filled with selection of chocolates and Belle Fleur Easter giftboxes are also back this year by popular demands.






Please note this is only a small sample of what is available through our retail shops in both Petersham and Rozelle. Don’t be surprised if you found a lot of new things when you visited our shops!

Below is the extended trading hours for Easter 2017 :

                                                       Rozelle     Petersham 

Wednesday             April 5          9 – 7            10 – 6

Thursday                   April 6          9 – 7            10 – 6

Friday                         April 7          9 – 7           10 – 6

Saturday                    April 8          9 – 6             9 – 4

Sunday                      April 9          9 – 5           10 – 4

Monday                     April 10          9 – 7            10 – 6

Tuesday                    April 11          9 – 7            10 – 6

Wednesday              April 12          9 – 7               9 – 7

Thursday                  April 13          8 – 7               9 – 7

Good Friday             April 14          10 – 4             10 – 4

Easter Saturday      April 15         8 – 6               9 – 5

CLOSED        EASTER SUNDAY         April 16 

                       EASTER MONDAY        April 17

Normal trading hours from Tuesday April 18

Happy Easter and enjoy the chocolates!

Valentines Day 2017

The season of love is coming again..

Everyone’s favourite chocolate’s heart will be back with new design! For a touch of luxury in this Valentine’s Day, our deep red chocolate hearts are finished with 24k edible gold. They will be available in 2 size (small and medium), both in milk and dark chocolates. These are only available both in our Petersham and Rozelle shop, not for online order.



We also have variety of valentine’s boxes with selection of chocolates, small monkey, and our one and only cherry lips too. All is available in both shop.



If you can not celebrate with your loved ones this year, remember you can always make your own giftboxes with selection of our chocolates online and we will deliver to them.

Petersham shop will specially open on Sunday, 12th February 2017 at 10am-3pm (normal Sunday trading hours for Rozelle shop)

Enjoy the chocolates and have a wonderful Valentine!

XoXo Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates Team





Let’s celebrate with Belle Fleur Aussie Special Giftbox : 

20170122_140400_resized20170122_140337_resizedgumnuts 6 n 12 (2)


  • Gumnut : smooth hazelnut and macadamia pieces
  • Duet : Whole roasted macadamias on a bed of praline
  • Native Lemon Myrtle
  • Wattleseed Australian Native
  • Golden Ale: beer ganache
  • Anzac Ganache with golden syrup toasted oats and coconut
  • Eucalyptus ganache
  • Lamington
  • Aussie : chocolate ganache with a hint of the iconic aussie spread

We also have koala and kangaroo chocolates.

All boxes and chocolates are available in Petersham and Rozelle shop.







                                       Rozelle             Petersham

Saturday      Dec 10          9 – 6                  9 – 5

Sunday        Dec 11           9 – 5                10 – 5

Wednesday  Dec 14          9 – 7                 10 – 7

Thursday     Dec 15          9 – 7                 10 – 7

Friday          Dec 16          9 – 7                 10 – 7

Saturday      Dec 17          9 – 6                  9 – 5

Sunday        Dec 18          9 – 5                10 – 5

Monday       Dec 19           9 – 7               10 – 7

Tuesday      Dec 20           9 – 7                 10 – 7

Wednesday  Dec 21         9 – 7                 10 – 7

Thursday     Dec22           9 – 7                 10 – 7

Friday          Dec23           9 – 7                 10 – 7

Saturday      Dec24            8 – 5                9 – 5


                     MONDAY        DECEMBER 26

                     TUESDAY        DECEMBER 27

Wednesday  Dec 28          9 – 4            10 – 4

Thursday     Dec 29           9 – 4             10 – 4

Friday           Dec 30          9 – 4              10 – 4

Saturday       Dec 31          9 – 4             9 – 4

CLOSED     SUNDAY            JANUARY 1

                   MONDAY            JANUARY 2

Normal hours trading from Tuesday January 3

NEW Chocolates in the range!

Whilst the weather cools down, the chocolatiers start creating!!
We are very excited to add some new chocolates to Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates Range all available to select and order online!




Graffiti – A refreshing coconut and rum ganache





Pear – A a layer of refreshing pear jelly and a Pear William and milk chocolate ganache.  Enrobed in dark chocolate






Pinot Noir – Dark casing with a delicate pinot noir ganache





Yuzu – Milk chocolate ganache with refreshing Japanese citrus fruit





Red Velvet – Milk chocolate and fresh beetroot ganache






Aussie – A unique Aussie salted flavour in a smooth ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate





Honeycomb Ravioli – Milk chocolate casing with smooth hazelnut praline and crunchy fresh honeycomb pieces







Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Bar – Milk chocolate block generously scattered with dried cranberries, marshmallows, roasted peanuts and toasted coconut pieces





Mothers Day 2016




At Belle Fleur we go out of our way each year to create something special for MUM!

In 2016 we have some beautiful options for Mums – Window boxes filled with a selection of chocolates or truffles…A milk or dark chocolate heart filled with a selection…or a Chocolate Lovers Hamper!…
You can never go wrong with a nice selection box, and we always have our traditional as well as our giftbox range, which you can select online and we can arrange delivery to your mum if she isn’t closeby.
(PLEASE NOTE!  For arrival in time for Mothers Day, your online order needs to be placed by Sunday May 1, midnight AEST. We do not sell our novelty Mothers Day range online – these pictures are only a small sample of what is available through our retail shops ONLY).

Of course, we always love helping you pick out your own special assortment, as well as many other special items for mum, available in our retail shops in Petersham and Rozelle.

We are open Mothers Day, Sunday May 8 in both our shops – Rozelle 10-4 and Petersham 10-1pm.




Easter 2016

easterOur shops come alive at Easter like no other time of the year and it’s all about the eggs!
Brightly coloured, filled, large or small, there really is something for everyone.

Easter rabbits and our very own Belle Fleur Bilbies jump off the shelves. Whilst we have our ever popular range of rabbits and eggs, including new Belle Fleur Easter Gift boxes and luxurious Decorative Eggs both filled with a selection of chocolates, there is always something new!…

This year, as well as doing our ever popular Assorted Egg Cone-bags, we are doing the Single Origin Cone Bag filled with Venezeulan milk and Peruvian ganaches!  Perfect for the true connoisseur!
Our 1/2 Dozen SINGLE ORIGIN Egg Carton are back this year by popular demand as well as lots and lots of our Popular eggs and Rabbits.
(Please note this is only a small sample of what is available through our retail shops in both Petersham and Rozelle).

In 2016, we will sell a limited range of our Easter products online.  All orders must be placed by midnight Thursday 17th March AEST.

Easter Opening Times
Sunday 20.3 10-4 10-3
Monday 21.3 9-6 10-6
Tuesday 22.3 9-6 10-6
Wednesday 23.3 9-7 10-6
Thursday 24.3 8-7 10-7
Good Friday 25.3 10-3 10-3
Easter Saturday 26.3 8-5 8.30-4
Easter Sunday 27.3 Closed Closed
Easter Monday 28.3 Closed Closed
Normal trading hours from Tuesday 29.3


Valentines Day 2015


At Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates you’ll find numerous ways to express your love on Valentines Day.

Our specialty is the handmade chocolate heart with a selection of chocolates. It is available in milk or dark and comes in two sizes. This year, the hearts have a shiny deep red finish – everything is completely edible!  These are not available to purchase online – only in both our retail shops.

We have many different kinds of Valentines boxes filled with a selection of chocolates, as well as gorgeous chocolate bears and cute monkeys!  If you are not with your loved one this Valentines Day remember you can always choose a selection of chocolates for your Valentine online and have them delivered to their door!
(Please note as per our T&Cs, delivery is Monday to Friday ONLY and so can’t be delivered on Saturday 14th Feb).



CHOCOLATE Petra Building


This is our CHOCOLATE replica of the Petra Building in Jordon.

It is currently on show in our Rozelle shop window.  It is made of over 350 kgs of Belgian chocolate and took owner, Jan ter Heerdt over 100 hours to ‘build’ …BY HAND!


Please come and visit us in our Rozelle shop and have a look…it is over 2m wide and 1.5m high!!